Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9

Another big win for the Bruins last night!! Let's hope they can keep up the momentum and win in Vancouver, then play for Lord Stanley's cup on home ice on Monday.
The weather is predicted to be extremely hot again today, it should be a little cooler near the coast, so stop by and get your beach supplies and check out our ongoing fireworks sale.
We are having a 50% off sale, or buy one get one free. Some items have already been marked down more than 50%.
An update on the new fireworks bill in NH: it should be on the governor's desk today for signing, meaning by this time next week we should be selling new product, including festival balls (reloadable artillery shells) A reloadable aerial is an aerial mortar that includes one or more mortar tubes and several reloadable aerial shells. The shells are placed inside the mortar tube, a long quick-burning fuse is lit, and the item is fired into the sky. These items are consumer versions of the mortar-based fireworks used in commercial fireworks displays.
As always you must be 21 to purchase fireworks in NH. You also should check with local authorities to see if fireworks are legal in your community.

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